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Despite the victory, the night in Curitiba had some scares. After the two goals, Santos retreated a little and failed to create opportunities in counterattacks. He tried, at all times, to regain control of the game, which he managed a few times.

Anyway, coach Cuca has a lot to celebrate. After the 1-0 defeat by Atlético-GO, at home, Santos managed to recover the three points lost and away from home.

+ Soteldo makes counter offer to Al Hilal

Soteldo and Kaio Jorge sambam after Santos goal – Photo: HEULER ANDREY / DIA ESPORTIVO / ESTADÃO CONTTEÚDO

Santos opened the scoring early in the match. Jobson, with his main characteristic, landed a great shot for Soteldo, from the defense field to the edge of the area. The Venezuelan striker observed Felipe Jonatan’s pass well and played for the left-back, who crossed for Kaio Jorge to complete.

Minutes later, in a move that seemed unpretentious and generated almost no black-and-white complaint, Santos won a penalty with the ball hitting Hugo Moura’s hand. Soteldo, who had participated in the first goal, hit with a “nauseated” dunk and expanded.

+ Santos players’ scores

Coritiba reduced Santos’ advantage with a beautiful goal from Giovanni Augusto, from outside the area, with no chances for João Paulo. But that was it.

Felipe Jonatan, Kaio Jorge and Soteldo, even for their direct participation in the victory, were Santos’ best against Coritiba.

The left-back showed a lot of defensive security, in addition to having participated in several of the chances created by Santos in the attack. The center forward, after swinging the nets, also participated in other offensive plays and gave work to the defense of Coritiba.

Kaio Jorge celebrates goal against Coritiba – Photo: Heuler Andrey / Estadão Content

Soteldo returned from the Venezuelan team inspired. Without Marinho, he was perhaps the one who most touched the ball for Santos. The striker was very driven by his teammates and made good individual plays on the left.

+ All bids in the match

Santos, as it has been in the last rounds, started this Saturday’s game in search of not giving space to Coritiba. The team led by coach Cuca, even away from home, tried not to let the opponent breathe. And it worked.

The first goal, scored by Kaio Jorge, came on five minutes, in one of the first chances created by Santos. With two offensive sides, Peixe pressed the ball out of Coritiba to regain possession and be close to the opponent’s area.

Cuca commands Santos in the victory over Coritiba – Photo: Geraldo Bubniak

What also worked for Santos was João Paulo (again!). The goalkeeper, when the game was still 1-0 for Peixe, made great saves to avoid Coritiba’s equalizer – before Alvinegro increased the advantage. And it was not the fault of the opponent’s goal.

With a more technical midfield, without Alison midfielder and with Jobson and Diego Pituca in the sector, Santos gains quality in the game. Exchange more passes on the defensive field and more efficiently link defense and attack.

After the goals, Santos, even because of Coritiba’s momentum, ended up retreating too much and did not know how to create counter-attacks to relieve the adversary pressure.

Although Coritiba did not show enough quality to scare Santos frequently, the team led by coach Cuca seemed very reactive – he expected his opponent too much to try to react later.

When they opened the scoring, Santos saw Coritiba create good chances and stop at João Paulo, with great defenses. Thus, the Fish took risks.

In the goal of Giovanni Augusto, several defenders were inside the area and did not fight to avoid the submission of the Coritiba midfielder.

After the Brazilian Championship games marathon, Santos will meet with Libertadores on Tuesday. Already qualified for the round of 16, Peixe receives Defensa y Justicia at Vila Belmiro, at 7:15 pm (Brasília time).

– Photo: Disclosure


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