Anatel approves iPhone 12 Pro and batteries for new devices –


That was quick! A few days after announcing its new smartphones – and on the day that pre-sales start in more than 30 countries -, National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) the process of homologating the launches has already started.

The first device to gain certification was the iPhone 12 Pro, model A2407. As we said, this is the device sold by Apple in European, Asian and Latin American countries, without support for 5G mmWave technology – which is only available in the model sold in the United States.

Here are the Homologation Certificates and of Technical Compliance his:

As you can see in the document, Apple lists several Chinese plants, one Indian and, to our surprise, the Foxconn Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda. – normally, it is worth noting, “Pro” models are not usually assembled in Brazil.

In the document we also have the following information, making it clear that the iPhone sent to the agency was tested with Apple’s 20W charger, but that it does not come in the box:

Power supply tested: model A2465; manufacturer: Apple Inc; input: 100-240VAC / 50-60 Hz / 0.5A; output: 5VDC / 3A or 9VDC / 2A; approval number: 06835-20-01993. The model A2407 it will not be sold with a power supply.

Anatel also commented that it tested headphones (model A1748, the EarPods with Lightning connector) with the iPhone, not to mention whether or not it comes in the box – even though we know it obviously doesn’t.


In addition to the iPhone 12 Pro, Anatel also approved three batteries for the new devices, identified by the following models:

  • A2466: for iPhone 12 Pro Max, capacity not identified.
  • A2471: for the iPhone 12 mini, with 2.227mAh.
  • A2479: for the iPhone 12, with 2,815mAh.

Here, their Homologation Certificates:


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