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Whenever Anderson Silva was in the UFC octagon, Bruce Buffer was there to announce it. This coming Saturday, in Las Vegas, will be the last time that the famous announcer from Ultimate will call him “Spider” on top of the cage, before the duel with Uriah Hall that will mark his MMA farewell. The Brazilian is marked in the history of the sport, and also has a special corner in Buffer’s best memories.

– It is a legacy that will probably never be touched, and it is a legacy that will be indicative only of him. And this is really what it is to have a legacy, to be remembered for being exactly you, not for anyone else, you launch trends, you show people things that nobody has ever seen before. And it was not just one time, it was continuous. His greatness was not just for one night, it remained better and better and better. It is impossible that Anderson does not leave a legacy – Buffer said in an exclusive interview to Combat.

With a knowledge of who is always on the edge of the octagon in practically the whole season, year by year, Bruce Buffer says that he has also encountered other athletes trying to imitate the Brazilian. They were unsuccessful.

– I’ve seen people try, but nobody is like Anderson Silva. Nobody is going to hit like him, I’ll let you know when I see him, but I haven’t seen anyone like him. I don’t recommend that to fighters, right? Anderson has always managed to do well, except for once we know. Anderson’s most difficult and painful moment for me happened right in front of where I was sitting next to the octagon, when Chris Weidman hit his leg and his ankle broke badly. I’ve seen this injury before, but you never get used to it. And when you hear them crying, and they cry, you think, ours must be very painful. I don’t want to see the fighters hurt, I want to see them making big fights and making more incredible fights, and taking care of their families.

Bruce Buffer facing legend Anderson Silva – Photo: Getty Images

One of the most memorable moments for Buffer, a 63-year-old American, happened at UFC 134, in 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, an event that marked the organization’s return to the country after the solitary edition in São Paulo in 1998. That night, Anderson Silva defended the middleweight belt (up to 84kg) on ​​a walk in front of Japanese Yushin Okami in the main event.

– It was so spectacular because it was the first time I heard the audience saying “it’s time” back to me, which impressed me a lot. When I announce, I’m looking into the tiger’s eyes, and not that I don’t pay attention to the fans, but I’m focused on the fighter. So, my whole intention is to give them all my lung strength, my energy, my passion, to announce them and lift them up at that moment.

The relationship with Anderson Silva deepened during the recording of a commercial in Argentina, where there was no shortage of stars. There, in 2012, Bruce Buffer was able to get to know the Brazilian a little more in privacy.

– I was always with Anderson in the octagon, but when I went to Buenos Aires, we shot a television commercial with him, (the actor) Steven Seagal and (the fighter) Lyoto Machida. I was able to visit Anderson, get to know him better personally, have a moment of interaction with him. He was training with Steven Seagal and Machida at the gym and this was the first time that I had any interaction with Anderson. And from that point on, whenever we met, he was very polite. He’s the nicest and kindest person in the world until it’s time to start fighting. And I was always very impressed with him, because he is a very calm and gentleman, I always had a lot of appreciation for him.

Bruce Buffer even filmed a commercial with Anderson Silva recorded in Argentina – Photo: Getty Images

Accustomed to always seeing up close the fighters who climb the most famous cage in the world, Bruce Buffer can speak properly about many of them. He guarantees to have seen in the Brazilian that he would be special. Anderson Silva was UFC middleweight champion from October 2006 to July 2013.

– I have that feeling all the time. Looking at Anderson, it was obvious that the champion belt was going to be around his waist. I’ve seen it in other fighters too. In general, I have a good eye for fighters. I’m in this game, not only in the UFC, but in boxing too, for over 30 years. Having a fighter mentality and having come face to face with fighters, I also have this feeling and I can see it in other fighters, as when I saw Israel Adesanya, George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. Some people who have emerged, like Anderson Silva, have what I call “the factor”. They are people you can see who were meant to be big, that fans will like them, go to them and make them favorites. Anderson Silva is a champion of the people, especially for Brazilians. And he has earned respect around the world because, let’s face it, he is one of the best of all time who has definitely entered an octagon.

And to show that being in front of Anderson Silva was special, Bruce Buffer started to use his lungs even more to announce the legend in action.

– There is a moment on YouTube where I got some air and it went like this: “Anderson The Spider [puxa um ar] Silva ”, jumping up and down. And the only reason I do that is because I feel the emotion of the moment, which is very strong, and the fact that people love to see him fight. It was like when I bowed to Randy Couture when I thought it was his last fight, and I thought I never bowed to anyone, but I bowed to greatness. For Anderson, I thought, how can I give him more? So, I gave my breath.

Anderson Silva will make his last fight in his career on Saturday, against Uriah Hall – Photo: Getty Images

THE Combat shows the entire card of “UFC Hall x Silva” live and exclusively this coming Saturday, with the “Combat Warming” starting at 4:30 pm (Brasília time), and the start of fights starting at 5:00 pm. THE it’s the SporTV 3 show the first two fights live, and the site follows the entire event in real time.

UFC Hall x Silva
October 31, 2020 in Las Vegas (USA)
MAIN CARD (8:00 pm EST):
Middleweight: Uriah Hall vs. Anderson Silva
Peso-pena: Bryce Mitchell x Andre Fili
Middleweight: Kevin Holland vs. Charlie Ontiveros
Heavyweight: Maurice Greene vs. Greg Hardy
Lightweight: Bobby Green x Thiago Moses
Peso-leve: Chris Gruetzemacher x Alexander Hernandez
Peso-galo: Adrian Yanez x Victor Rodriguez
Middleweight: Sean Strickland vs. Jack Marshman
Middleweight: Cole Williams vs. Jason Witt
Heavyweight: Dustin Jacoby vs. Justin Ledet
Flyweight: Cortney Casey x Priscila Pedrita
Gallic Weight: Miles Johns x Kevin Natividad

UFC Hall x Silva: the legend Spider is back live and exclusive in Combate!


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