Andressa Suita likes post and web sees pinned on Gusttavo Lima after separation


Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita denied reconciliation rumor

After the announcement of the separation, rumors said that Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita had traveled together to Angra dos Reis to try to reconcile. “It doesn’t come. I don’t know where they are getting this information from,” said the blonde’s press officer in a conversation with the Purepeople. Gusttavo also denied the information to columnist Leo Dias. “Regarding the relationship, it’s over. Respect and admiration continue, but the relationship is over,” the Ambassador just said.

Gusttavo Lima countered criticism after separation

When confirming that she was separated from Gusttavo Lima, Andressa Suita guaranteed that she was taken by surprise and communicated of the decision of the then husband after being agreed by him. The sertanejo, however, defended himself from later accusations of not giving the relationship a chance. “I was not happy. I tried everything to maintain the marriage. It is not being easy. Separation creates suffering, we are human beings. The worst thing would be to be dishonest with her and my children. Better a hard truth than a cute lie” , justified. A while later, both Andressa and Gusttavo deleted the explanations they gave fans about the end of the relationship from their social networks.

Gusttavo Lima does not want legal fight after separation

According to Gusttavo Lima, Andressa Suita has no reason to seek justice after the separation. “Do you have to pay R $ 100 thousand in pensions? I’m going to pay and that’s it … And that’s not something that has to go to the judge. I’ll settle with her. Andressa is also entitled to a pension, okay, I pay. I just want to get well. Stay in peace “, said the artist, who guaranteed that the reason for the breakup was not an extramarital relationship. “Just as I entered the relationship, I wanted to go out the front door. No mess, no cheating,” he said.

(By Carmen Moreira)


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