Andressa Suita’s brother makes fun of a follower who spoke of the influencer’s divorce – Celebrities


The separation of Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita is giving us something to talk about. Alexandre Suita, brother of the influencer, had already pinned the sertanejo and returned to talk about divorce on social networks. He mocked a follower who commented on the end of the singer’s marriage and the digital influence.

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Alexandre Suita makes fun of a follower who spoke of the separation of Andressa and Gusttavo Lima

Alexandre posted a photo of a trip he made to the northeast, unrelated to his sister’s divorce, but even then a follower decided to bring it up. “I like both of them! But if it didn’t work out, let each one take care of their own lives. And be happy! In a fight between husband and wife, don’t pick up the spoon!”, Wrote the woman.

Andressa’s brother didn’t let it go and insisted on batting. “Got this one from Google,” he replied. Alexandre was referring to the text that Gusttavo Lima posted talking about the separation, but that was copied from a phrase website.


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