Andressa’s staff says that Gusttavo Lima didn’t leave home


Contrary to what is circulating on the internet, after the separation of Andressa Suíte and Gusttavo Lima, the singer did not leave the house. The model’s adviser told Leo Dias’ column that the two of them had actually been spending a few days with their children in a family home since September 28, as the farm on which they live had to undergo renovation.

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So, Gusttavo only returned to the farm after announcing the separation, while Andressa and her children remained in another house, located in Alphaville. Check the full note of the model’s advisory:

“Andressa is in a family home, in a condominium in the city of Goiânia, with the children since September 28, a week before the announcement, due to a small renovation that would need to be done on the farm. And since Monday morning, Andressa and the children stayed at the town house and he went to stay at the Fazenda in Bela Vista. To conclude, Andressa was already staying with the children at Alphaville’s house since the day of the incident, so he ‘didn’t leave the house’, but he ‘returned home’ where the family lived in Bela Vista, and where all the family belongings, including personal belongings of Andressa and children. ”

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