AOC brings to Brazil its line of gaming mice and keyboards Agon


Company brought launches focused on the premium segment and also cost x benefit

AOC announced its line of launches for the Brazilian market. The company focused on two brands: AOC Gaming, which will bring products focusing on quality at a competitive price, and Agon, which will bring its premium products focusing on high quality and, consequently, higher prices.

AOC Gaming Line
The AOC line is identified by the letter G at the beginning of the product name, and has a mouse, the Gaming Mouse GM500, and a mechanical keyboard GK500.

The GM500 was developed to meet multiple footprint styles. With its neutral shape, it can be used both by those who prefer the finger tip grip (at the tip of the fingers), claw (claw) or palm (with the hand resting on the mouse). It features the Pixart 3325 sensor, Omron switches, eight programmable buttons as well as a customizable RGB lighting system, a dedicated button for changing DPI and internal memory to save your settings. Your suggested price is R $ 199.

The GK500 is a mechanical type keyboard made of metal, more specifically in 5052 anodized aluminum, and uses the blue Otemu switch in an ABNT-2 layout. The lighting system is customizable with 16 million colors, and a magnetic backrest can be fitted for a more comfortable use of the keyboard for long periods, or removed by those who prefer not to use this accessory or have less space for their keyboard. It also has internal memory, and it is possible to configure macros. The suggested price for this keyboard is R $ 499.

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Agon Line
Moving on to the high-end models of AOC, we have the AGM700 mouse, which brings more robust specifications, with the Pixar 3389 sensor with 16,000 DPI, 50G acceleration and 400IPS tracking speed. Like the GM500, this mouse has eight programmable buttons, a customizable RGB LED system and internal memory to store your settings, even if you change the machine mouse. By default, it features a “sniper mode” button that temporarily reduces DPI and facilitates more accurate shots, but this is a setting that can be modified by the user.

A differential of the Agon line mouse is the weight adjustment. The AGM700 has five modules with 5 grams each, allowing the user to modify the weight of the mouse according to their preferences. This mouse arrives for the suggested price of R $ 349.

Now moving to the keyboard of the Agon line, we have the AGK700. This mechanical keyboard comes equipped with the Cherry Blue switch, with an important differential: it is a premium model that brings the ABNT-2 layout, while a relevant part of the top of the line products available in the national market are not located.

It also has a customizable lighting system with internal memory, and its differentials include dedicated macro buttons on the left side, music control buttons on the top and a volume control. Like the GK500, the AGK700 also has a magnetic backrest, but the material is enhanced for leather to improve comfort. The keyboard of the Agon line has a suggested cost of R $ 1,119.

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Closing the list of releases we have the AMM700 mousepad. It has a hard finish and it will please consumers who want a wider and lighter mouse slide, in addition to maintaining a consistent mouse movement experience, even if the surface under the mousepad has irregularities. The AMM700 has a texture to improve the accuracy of mouse tracking, and features a customizable lighting system on the sides. The suggested price is R $ 249.

All models have cables with braided finish, for better durability and quality, and have a gold-plated connector. All of them are also compatible with the AOC G-Tools software, which allows you to customize the color system of the peripherals to work in a set, and in addition to facilitating the programming of macros and customization of the buttons.

The products are already available in the main e-commerces, and more information can be found on the official website of AOC.


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