Apple: iPhone 13 will be what you wanted from iPhone 12


The iPhone 12 is currently being forwarded to those who have already booked the equipment. However, as much as I even liked the new models (more specifically the Pro camera), I still think that Apple could (and should) have done better.

I am not going to talk about the absence of chargers and earphones, which I consider a questionable decision. This is because the price has remained the same. I do question the absence of TouchID in the new iPhones.

TouchID passed next to the iPhone 12

Everyone expected Apple to bring TouchID on iPhone 12. Especially because we are in a pandemic situation where the use of the mask is not exactly favorable to the use of FaceID with the same security.

However, this did not happen. Apple brought us 4 new smartphones, however, none of them with the expected functionality. Even so, it seems that the company may be thinking about implementing the feature and everything indicates that it will be for next year.

TouchID on the iPhone will only be for the iPhone 13

“MESA” is Touch ID. “uts” is “under the screen”

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) October 16, 2020

As mentioned by us yesterday, it all started with the leakster “L0vetodream” referring to a phrase on his Twitter account. “TABLE uts for iPhone”. Nothing here tells us anything. However, the well-known Jon Prosser, who rarely errs in his information, pointed out that MESA means “TouchID” and “uts” refers to “Under the screen”.

Analysts say Apple will bring technology in 2021

The well-known market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has also had several of his statements correct, was also one of the analysts who also said in the past that Apple would be preparing the technology to be presented on the iPhones of 2021.

Since the iPhone 12 did not bring the technology and it is already said that there is work in the sector, it is very possible that the market analyst will be correct with his statements once the iPhone 13 (or whatever it will be called) reaches the market in the next year.

Apple is one step behind the competition in this functionality and it is not exactly unusual for this to happen. However, this is an increasingly important feature.

I am an iPhone lover, however, I absolutely cannot like FaceID. In fact, it was a relief for me to use TouchID on the iPhone SE again. My switch from iPhone X to iPhone SE was guaranteed to be successful. Although it has a much older design.

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