Apple is notified by Procon-SP for iPhone 12 without charger


The consumer protection foundation Procon, from São Paulo, issued a notification to Apple. The company will have to explain why the new iPhones 12, which have no release date or confirmed prices in Brazil, will be sold without a charger included in the box.

The entire iPhone 12 line, which includes the iPhones 12 mini, Pro and Pro Max, will be sold worldwide without a charger or headphones included in the box. The only exception is France, thanks to a local law that requires companies to sell smartphones along with compatible headsets. There, the brand new cell phone will be sold in two boxes, with one for the EarPods.

In a note, Procon-SP informs that Apple will have to explain:

  • “what reasons underpin the company’s business decision”;
  • “what will be the cost of the devices offered separately”;
  • “what will be made available for purchase by the consumer so that the recharge is made and what is the estimated time for charging the device with the new device”;
  • “if the consumer has an alternative to use other devices with the same function”;
  • “how will the warranty service be given, since the items will be purchased in different periods”.

“The company has 72 hours to answer the questions, starting this Tuesday (27/10),” said the agency. Sought by Tilt, Apple’s press office confirmed receipt of Procon’s notification, but declined to comment. It is worth remembering that a notification from Procon does not mean that any disciplinary or judicial proceedings have been opened (yet) against the company.

Apple’s official justification for removing accessories is that the decision is part of its “commitment to the environment”. Removing the charger and headset from the boxes “further reduces carbon emissions, preventing mining and the use of precious materials,” the company said. “The result is a smaller and lighter package, allowing 70% more boxes on each pallet.”

The 20W USB-C charger compatible with the iPhone 12 is currently sold on Apple’s official website for R $ 219, the same price as EarPods headphones with Lightning connector. The MagSafe wireless charger, designed for the new iPhones, is yet to be confirmed in Brazil. AirPods wireless headsets, on the other hand, start at R $ 1,899, while the most modern AirPods Pro cost R $ 2,999.


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