Apple to promote event in November for first MacBooks ARM and AirPods Studio


Apple announced in June that it will start investing in its own chips for Macs, starting with the BigSur update. With that, Intel leaves the scene and the powerful Apple chips will also equip the company’s desktops and notebooks.

This brings immediate news, such as native support for iOS apps on macOS. While Tim Cook says that the complete transition to this new moment of the company may take two years, information arrives that next month the brand should present its first PCs with Apple Silicon chips.

Who says that is insider Jon Prosser, who has a high hit rate. According to him, the Cupertino giant will hold an event on November 17th, but will only announce that date on the next 10th, that is, a week before.

Also according to the insider, on the occasion we will meet the first Macbook with an ARM chip. It would have a 12-inch screen, and it would come with the Apple A14X chip. If confirmed, it will be interesting to finally check if the new chips will raise the level of Apple computers, or if everything was just marketing.

The November event could also find a time to unveil the new AirPods Studio, which would feature two versions: a more basic one at $ 350, and a premium one at $ 600. The headset has been the subject of many rumors in recent months, but its officialization is taking time.

If you got excited about these possible launches, we have good and bad news: the good thing is that hardly any Apple product is no longer sold in Brazil, but the bad thing is that the brand’s prices, at least in its official store, have never been so impediments.

Are you excited to find out what an ARM chip can do working alongside macOS? Tell us in the comments!


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