Application will offer loans, cards and insurance


The application Box Has soon it will have new features on your system. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, the platform will offer microcredit, insurance and cards. At the moment, the app is used for payments of emergency assistance, the Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS), emergency mode, and the Emergency Benefit of Maintenance of Employment and Income (BEm).

Caixa reported that, in 2020, approximately 90 million digital social savings were opened free of charge. The application was created to facilitate Brazilians’ access to government social benefits during the new coronavirus pandemic.

However, the bank said it will keep these accounts open in the post-pandemic period. “All products will be maintained. All free products will remain free. And we will do more, ”said Caixa’s president, Pedro Guimarães.

He further stated that the “Caixa Tem application is the digital bank for lower income, which is 80% of Caixa’s customer base ”. For this reason, the bank is expected to continue offering digital payment of social benefits, including Bolsa Família, which is currently paid only in person.

New services from Caixa Tem

The application should soon provide other features, such as small loans, insurance and cards. According to the president of Caixa, the entry of microcredit in the application is already being finalized. The tool will provide a loan of R $ 100, R $ 200 and R $ 300 for low-income Brazilians and informal workers covered by emergency aid.

In addition, Caixa Tem must offer cards and insurance, but the institution has not released details about these new features. Remember that today, the application already offers a free digital debit card for users, which can be used for online and in-person purchases. During the pandemic, 67.5 million of these debit cards were issued by Caixa Tem.

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