Are The Walking Dead stars very different in real life? Look!


There are those who say that The Walking Dead has gotten a lot worse in recent years, but it is still one of the most successful series today.

The show has always had a great cast, although many important actors have left the series over time.

Here we at Cinema Observatory will take a look at the main actors of The Walking Dead, with a comparison of how they got on the series and how they are in real life.

Andrew Lincoln was the lead actor on The Walking Dead for a long time, until he left the series in the ninth season.

Rick Grimes has had many different looks over time, but in general, the character is similar to the real-life Lincoln.

Daryl was always Rick’s right-hand man, and Norman Reedus hasn’t changed much to play him.

After Andrew Lincoln left the cast of The Walking Dead, Reedus became an even more important figure for the series.

Chandler Riggs acted in The Walking Dead from the beginning, until Carl died in the eighth season.

It was a shock for everyone, especially since Carl remains alive until the end in the comic books.

Performer of Michonne, Danai Gurira left the cast of The Walking Dead in the tenth season.

You can also meet her as the Okoye of Black Panther and other Marvel films.

Glenn was such a popular character with the public that when he died, many people simply abandoned The Walking Dead.

Steven Yeun was in the cast of the series from the beginning, and developed a great bond with his beloved character.

Carol is another character who has been on The Walking Dead since the beginning, and it can be said that she is now more important than ever.

Over the years, Carol has followed the look of the actress who plays her: the great Melissa McBride.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan appeared on series like Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy before joining the cast of The Walking Dead.

Love him or hate him, Negan is a remarkable character and is regarded as one of the new leaders of The Walking Dead.


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