Argentina’s Quimsa beats Flamengo and is champion of basketball’s “Libertadores” | basketball


Flamengo lost 92-86 to the Argentine team of Quimsa in the final of the Champions League Americas, this Friday night, at Antel Arena, in Montevideo, Uruguay. The competition, equivalent to the Libertadores, in football, gives the Argentine team classification to the Interclub Basketball World Cup. The red-black team was undefeated until the decision, which was in a single match in Uruguay due to the pandemic. Flamengo managed to qualify in March, when the competition was paralyzed. The continental title is unprecedented for Quimsa. The Rio de Janeiro club had been champion of the League of the Americas in 2014, also winning the Interclub World Cup that year.

The best player and basket of the match was the American Brandon Rosinson, who had 26 points in the game. He was elected MVP of the tournament. Another American, Damian Simpson was featured in the carboy, both with points and rebounds, one of the main problems of the red-black team. Flamengo’s highlight in the attack was Marquinhos, with 20 points.

Based in the city of Santiago Del Estero, in northern Argentina, Quimsa has never won even a national title. However, 2020 makes a great campaign in the Argentine Championship and now wins the first edition of the Champions League Americas, season 2019/2020, after beating the traditional San Lorenzo in the semifinal and Flamengo in a big decision.

+ Check how the match went, move by move

Argentina’s Quimsa wins Flamengo in the Americas Champions League final of basketball – Photo: Fiba

In the first quarter, Flamengo started offensively. Marquinhos was the first highlight, with a basket of three, a mid-range throw and infiltrations. But he soon left with two fouls. Then, the Argentine Luciano “Chuzito” González became the highlight of Flamengo, alongside the owner and compatriot Franco Baldi. But while he was well ahead, the defense started the game badly. Then came the American pivot Diamon Simpson, from Quimsa, who scored the first six points of the Argentine team. Nicolas Copello also started to stand out on the court, with balls from all three. The Argentine dominance was such that the red-black coach Gustavinho De Conte asked for time when he was 18 to 11. Quimsa still opened 23 to 11. And the fourth ended in 27 to 19, with a lot of Argentine advantage especially in rebounds.

In the second quarter, the red-black team improved. With four minutes, Flamengo turned after a three-ball from Balbi: 32 to 31. Then, Rafael Hettsheimeir, who had come in to solve the problem with rival pivots, hit another one of the three, and Flamengo finally dominated the game, after opening a partial of 16 to 4. From then on it was a balanced fourth, disputed, with a shot there and gives here worthy of Libertadores final. At the end of the first half, however, the red-black defense failed again and the Argentines made a small difference before the break, with a basket of three on the clock: 50 to 43.

Argentina’s Quimsa wins Flamengo in the Americas Basketball Champions League final – Photo: Fiba

On the break, Simpson continued to bother the red-black defense in the bottle, quickly reaching 15 points. The third quarter was also Marquinhos’ turn to return to the game, carry Flamengo’s attack on his back and reach the same 15 points as the American pivot. Hettsheimeir’s return to the court, Yago’s speed and Olivinha’s claw put Flamengo in the game again. With four minutes remaining at the end of the quarter, the Brazilian team resumed the lead on the scoreboard (59 to 58). Then the defense that was already better in the second half gave a show at the end of the third quarter, holding Quimsa, forcing rivals to make mistakes in a row. And Flamengo’s advantage reached five points (68 to 63).

Last quarter started with another American from Quimsa wanting to play. Brandon Robinson soon made two baskets of three and turned the game around again for the Argentines. With 20 points and four rebounds, Robinson was the protagonist of the match. Who also wanted a game was Marquinhos, giving the change of the three line. And so the game went on indefinitely until the final minutes. But Flamengo’s ball stopped falling … And the team still lost Jonathan, one of the main scorers, with five fouls. With 42 rebounds against 29 of the blacks, Quimsa led again with four minutes left. With three minutes left, Robinson hit one of the three and reached 25 points. A partial of 20 to 9 for Argentines. Flamengo fought until the end, but the Argentines – with emphasis on the Americans on the team – knew how to hold the advantage and got the unprecedented title for Quimsa.

Argentine Quimsa players celebrate continental title after winning over Flamengo in the final – Photo: Fiba


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