Arroba do boi approaches R $ 280 for November contracts


Bo3 fat futures contracts at B3 have renewed a historical record and are already approaching R $ 280 per arroba for November. Since the end of June, negotiations have accumulated an increase of over 26%. The market analyst at the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea), Thiago Bernardino says that the restricted supply and intense demand, mainly from China, explain high prices.

“We are going through this moment of transition in the beef cattle chain with a restricted supply and a very intense demand from China, which has enabled prices to rise. The ceiling, all of this, depends on how the market will behave from October to December ”, he said.

In relation to the coming years, Bernardino guarantees that there will be a recomposition of the herd, but the scenario will be different. “There will be a recomposition of the herd, which depends on the climatic part, export dynamics and the internal market, but in the coming years we will have a recomposition”, he completes.


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