Arthur Aguiar and Mayra Cardi’s daughter wins party and mini gift – 10/18/2020


Mayra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar got together for the daughter’s party, Sophia. The girl turns 2 and the ex-couple met again today at the mansion of the digital influencer.

On Instagram, Mayra showed the decoration of the party – which won many pink details, such as balloons. A huge ball pool was set up in the colorful playroom.

Sophia, daughter of Arthur Aguiar and Mayra Cardi, at her 2 year old party

Image: Playback / Instagram

Arthur showed the girl enjoying the pool and playing in the sand.

Sophia received a mini gift from her mother, with the right to a supermarket, houses and a beauty salon.

“You enter the city and stand because adults and children can fit,” said the businesswoman, who promises to show all the details on Sophia’s YouTube channel, which will be launched next Wednesday.

Mayra and Arthur split in May After a troubled break-up, the coach said the two became friends.


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