Artist dies of heart attack after feeling sick with heat


Artist Sebastião Mendes, 54, died on Wednesday afternoon (8) after suffering a heart attack due to excessive heat. He was at his farm in the Taquaral region, in Cáceres (218 km from Cuiabá).

According to the portal Cáceres Notícias, the painter’s death was sudden, right after lunch.

The day before, he would have spoken to a family member and was fine.

The artist used to portray the daily life of Mato Grosso in his works and was recognized internationally.

With grandiose and colorful pieces, Sebastião Mendes draws attention with the beauty of his works.

Sebastião has been a member of the Brazilian Academy of Arts since 2007. He has held exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Finland, Belgium and Sweden.


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