At least 20 killed in Costa Rica with adulterated alcohol


Dand according to a report from the authorities, until Friday there were 52 suspected cases of methanol poisoning, 20 of which died.

The fatal victims, 17 men and three women, were between 23 and 75 years old.

Most cases of poisoning were registered in the province of San José (36).

From 05 of October, the authorities inspected 49 commercial establishments to collect samples for analysis.

In addition, authorities seized 14,327 units of alcoholic beverages in the early hours of Friday.

Last year, Costa Rican authorities recorded 76 cases of methanol poisoning and 29 deaths from ingestion of methanol. alcohol adulterated.

That year, authorities seized more than 66,000 bottles of alcoholic beverages with legal adulterated or counterfeit marks.

Methanol, a substância toxicity related to ethanol, causes severe damage to all organs, namely brain problems.

Symptoms of poisoning include chest pain, nausea, hyperventilation, blindness and coma.

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