Athletics, Amalie Iuel | Amalie Iuel was exposed to nets, but chooses not to take up the fight with the net trolls:


The sports manager in Tjalve quickly noticed what he describes as neatness against Amalie Iuel (26). The hurdler herself says she stays far away from the comment fields.

NORWEGIAN SPORTS COLLEGE (Nettavisen): During the National Championships in Bergen in September, Iuel was refused to start due to the infection control rules.

The 26-year-old had participated in the Diamond League competition in Rome just before the NM and therefore had to have a negative answer to a Covid-19 test before she could compete.

Exposed to neatness

It was in the attempt (qualification) in the 400 meter hurdles she was not allowed to start, but Iuel was moved directly to the final, which she won in a time that qualified for the King’s Cup.

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Since a number of our top athletes had been in Rome, this was a practice that the organizer used for more than just Iuel.

Sports leader John Ertzgaard in Tjalve, Iuel’s club, could tell that the 26-year-old had been exposed to what he described as neatness in various forums as a result of her being moved directly to the final. Many thought she had been discriminated against.

– There has been a lot of noise, we have not asked to stop running. We show up, then the organizer gets to decide, and they said no, you are not allowed to run. She has not asked for any benefit here, nor is it an advantage that she has been given more rest, he told NTB.

Click on the image to enlarge. John Ertzgaard, sports manager in Tjalve.

John Ertzgaard, sports manager in Tjalve.
Photo: NTB (Fredrik Hagen)

Iuel: – Do not know what was written

Amalie Iuel herself was in isolation after the refusal to start and admits to Nettavisen that she did not get as much of the fuss that unfolded online.

– I never saw it, so I do not know what was written, but I understood that there were some who had problems with me going straight to the final, she says to Nettavisen.

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She understands that someone might react to this, but also points out that she did not really have any great advantage from being moved straight to the final.

– I understand that people may not think it’s fair, but it must be said that I had run only a few days ago and ran quite a lot faster than what I had to do as I was supposed to do in the experiments. That way, I do not feel that I had a physical advantage by not posing in the test heat, the hurdles runner explains.

– I was tired after the race in Rome and had traveled. For my part, I wanted to run the experiment. I tried to start, but was denied entry when we arrived at the stadium.

Click on the image to enlarge. THE KING'S CUP RACE: Amalie Hammild Iuel in action in the 400 meter hurdles during the NM in athletics at Fana Stadium.

THE KING’S CUP RACE: Amalie Hammild Iuel in action in the 400 meter hurdles during the NM in athletics at Fana Stadium.
Photo: ├śrn E. Borgen (NTB)

Profiled athlete

The former University of Southern California student has in recent years become a well-known name in Sports Norway through his achievements on the track.

The fact that she has worked closely in a team with world champion Karsten Warholm and his coach Leif Olav Alnes has also brought Iuel further into the spotlight. Among other things, she is in most of the episodes of the NRK series “Karsten and Leif” which are now relevant.

When it became known on May 17 this year that she is in love with former alpinist Aksel Lund Svindal, the hurdles runner really became a name on many people’s lips.

When many people know who you are, the chances of cyberbullying and unpleasant messages on social media often increase. Iuel is an active user of Instagram and has an account that is open and accessible to everyone, so anyone in theory can get in touch.

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In the past, athletics profiles such as Isabelle Pedersen and Ezinne Okparaebo have been open about receiving unwelcome inquiries on social media.

Okparaebo was open about having to take a break from social media during the World Cup in 2015, while Pedersen has often countered when she has received foul messages.

– Keeps me far away

Iuel, however, chooses a slightly different approach.

– It can quickly steal a lot of energy if you get too hung up on it. I understand that you want to speak out and put people in place when they are ugly, but I have chosen not to take that fight, Iuel says to Nettavisen.

– Because I think there are many online trolls out there who are really just trying to create a reaction and want you to react that way. Then I think it is better not to give them that satisfaction, says the 26-year-old.

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Especially the comment field and what is written there, she completely blocks out.

– I actually try to stay quite far away from it. Special comment field. It’s unfortunate for everyone, I think. There is always someone who wants to try to find something to pick on you for or hang out with, says the hurdles runner.

– I do not think you benefit from reading such things. That’s why I mostly try to stay away from it, really, says Iuel.


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