Audi trams will have LED headlights that are actually projectors


Since reinvention is the watchword of the automotive market, Audi decided to bet on an unprecedented differential for the launch of two electric SUVs: LED headlights with image projectors. The novelties, which are enhancements to the Digital Matrix LED technology, arrive with the 2021 versions of the e-tron and e-tron Sportback and, according to the manufacturer, this is the first time in history that solutions of this type have been produced. in large scale.

Five types of projection are programmed for the equipment, consisting of 1.3 million micro mirrors that emit tiny particles of single light or adaptive light. Different messages of welcome or goodbye are among them, “each with unique motion graphics and text selected through a vehicle’s MMI touchscreen display”, says the company.

The possibilities, for now, depend on the region where the cars will be marketed – being released in their entirety only in Europe. Drivers in the United States, due to local regulations, will have only two of them, but Audi guarantees that it is doing everything to get around this situation, as well as promises to launch even more options in the future.

Cutting-edge technology

Among the features of the new Digital Matrix LED headlamps, a 50-meter “light carpet” can be designed to keep the light within the driver’s lane and is extended to the left or right when changing positions, helping to avoid an effect ” dazzling “for oncoming traffic. In addition, the emission of a low curved beam of light can help illuminate people or objects on the side of the road that would otherwise be difficult to detect.

Finally, with the optional item, light arrows on the ground guide the person behind the wheel to keep the SUV’s tires within their lane. Those who are interested can now book their EV units now.


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