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The eruption of the ski tourist magnet Ischgl in the Tyrol region, was at the beginning of the corona eruption one of the main reasons why the virus spread on a large scale to large parts of Europe – also to Norway. In total, the ski resort has been linked to cases of infection in 45 countries, and criticism of the authorities’ handling has been hailed.

A recent report now states that thousands were infected in Ischgl and the nearby ski resort of St. Anton. The outbreaks got worse due to huge errors in the handling, writes BBC.

Had to close nightclub: – Serious breach

– Wrong decisions were made, which had consequences. They acted too late, said Ronald Rohrer, who led the investigation.

The authorities have always maintained that they acted correctly in the light of the information available at the start of the pandemic.

– Should be closed

The first known case of coronary heart disease in Ischgl was confirmed on March 7, when a bartender tested positive. However, Austrian health authorities believe that visitors may have been infected with corona as early as 5 February.

– From March 8, it would have been right to close bars and stop the ski lifts, and arrange the return trips in the right way, the investigation concludes in a report.

- Infected the moment you go to the bar

– Infected the moment you go to the bar

However, it would take several days from the time the first case of infection was detected, until the Tyrol region closed down. According to the report, no one informed the tourists about the development of the infection.

Dagbladet has previously spoken to Norwegian ski tourists who visited Ischgl during the relevant period. All have pointed out that the situation in the village was “business as usual”.

– The authorities failed

Iceland chose to redlist Austria as early as March 5, after 14 Icelanders returned home with corona infection. The Icelandic authorities must also have notified the Austrian authorities of this on several occasions.

After more and more Norwegians returned home from a ski holiday in the Tyrol region with corona infection, the Norwegian authorities also chose to take action, and introduced travel advice to the Tyrol region on 11 March.

INFECTIOUS ELDORADO: Many Norwegians who were infected on a skiing holiday in Ischgl visited this bar. Photo: JAKOB GRUBER / APA / AFP / NTB scanpix
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Early in the pandemic, 17 percent of Norwegian corona cases could be traced back to Austria. This corresponded to 635 people.

It would still be two days before the ski resorts in the area were closed on 13 March. The tourists then only had a few hours to evacuate, writes the BBC.

Iceland raises alarm about

Iceland raises alarm about “Alps-Ibiza”

– The first to a panic reaction from guests and staff. Some guests still jumped into their cars with their ski boots on, says Rohrer.

For many of the tourists, the journey home went by crowded buses and on by plane.

The report states that the Austrian authorities failed to communicate properly with both local authorities and with foreign tourists. It is emphasized, however, that the authorities, in some cases, acted correctly when the infection rates began to increase.

CLOSED: On March 13, the ski resorts in the Tyrol region closed down due to extensive corona infection. Here, the police carry out checks on cars leaving the region. Photo: JAKOB GRUBER / APA / AFP / NTB
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Dagbladet has several times before reported a mass lawsuit against the authorities in Austria. As many as 6,000 people have stated to the Austrian Association for Consumer Protection (VSV), which is at the forefront of the lawsuit, that they were infected during the ski holiday in Iscghl and took the virus home – among them 52 Norwegians.

– Serious handling errors have infected people in 45 countries around the world, and have caused particularly massive clusters in Germany and the Nordic countries. For some, it has had serious consequences, VSV wrote in a letter to the authorities in September.

The governor notified

The governor notified

According to Peter Kolba in VSV, they are aware that 32 ski tourists died with the coronavirus after visiting Austrian ski resorts. Skier Georg Mathias Johansen (55) died in early April, after vacationing in Iscghl.

The authorities have always maintained that they acted correctly in the light of the information available at the start of the pandemic.


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