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On the next 28th, a Wednesday, Record starts showing the unpublished chapters of the soap opera “Amor Sem Igual”, which brings together Miguel Coelho, Castrinho, Heitor Martinez, Pedro Nercessian, Milton Filho, Juliana Lohmann, Bárbara França, Dani Moreno, Day Mesquita, Rafael Sardão, among others.

Cristianne Fridman, author of the novel, in conversation with the column, promises that it will be a return “with unpublished chapters full of emotions”.
“The outcomes are already starting and bringing surprises!”.

“There will be many twists and turns” involving the characters of Poderosa and Miguel, Fridman guarantees.

There will be another 40 chapters, already entirely recorded within the new normal.

“I adapted it according to the coronavirus security protocol. I removed physical contact (kisses, hugs and fights), reduced [o número de] extras and characters on stage, minimum food on the set … ”, explains the author.
Cristianne also needed to make other changes to the script because two actresses became pregnant during the quarantine – Sthefany Brito and Yohama Eshima.

So far, the production of “A Praça é Nossa” has managed to get through the layoff process underway at SBT unscathed.

No one from the team was dismissed, and, as in this space, another good news was the renewal of Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega’s contract.

The expectation at SBT is that your Artistic, even in the midst of this chaos, can present some suggestions for the 2021 programming.

It is always important to make the wheel spin.

End of the line
In this space, long before the official note, it was said that the “Zorra” was going to end. And that Globo was thinking about a new Saturday for next year.

It remains to be seen how it will be. For now, nothing out of the ordinary.

The production team of “Conversa com Bial” is already moving to schedule the last programs of this season.

If the pandemic allows, Pedro Bial, who belongs to the risk group, will return to the studios as early as 2021.

The production company Formata intends to resume filming “Detective Madeinusa”, on November 16, and complete the work by December 21. As a challenge, reconcile the agenda of all participants.

Meanwhile, protagonist Tirullipa continues to recover from Covid-19, which is why filming was interrupted.

Waiting line
The special “Under Pressure” season is over, brothers Julio Andrade and Ravel Andrade will wait for the start of recordings of a series about the sociologist Betinho, which will have 8 episodes.

The project was for this year, but was postponed to the next, because of the pandemic.

In addition to the Andrade brothers, “Betinho” will bring together Daniel de Oliveira and Lázaro Ramos in the cast.

Custom production by Globoplay.

Give us
After the recording of “Faz Teu Nome”, a new program for Multishow, Tom Cavalcante should resume the series “Doutora Darci”, for the same channel.

But everything indicates that only at the beginning of next year.

After two consecutive reruns, at nine at night (Fina Estampa and A Força do Querer), Lília Cabral will need to “disappear” a little bit from the video, for necessary image rest.

It is in need!

More space
TV Cultura decided to further expand its programming with independent Brazilian production.

The channel and Medialand agreed on a partnership to air five series and an unprecedented documentary. In addition to “Hackers”, which has already premiered, “Terra Brasil”, “À Brasileira”, “Nos Campos do Holocausto”, “Velhas Amigas” and “Global Warming” will also be part of the grid.

This year, the “Educador Nota 10 Award” will have a different ceremony, due to the pandemic. The traditional celebration of the teachers and the announcements of the winners will take place on a TV program, with multiplatform exhibition.

Scheduled for the 27th, from 3 pm to 4:30 pm, the “Award” will be broadcast live on Futura, Futura Play, on the channel’s profiles on YouTube and Facebook.

After having the 3rd season recorded in more than 10 cities in China, the fourth season of the program “Expresso Futuro”, from the Futura channel, with Ronaldo Lemos, was held in an isolated area of ​​the Serra da Mantiqueira and premieres on the 19th, at 9 pm .

He spoke to some of the most important global and Brazilian thinkers and leaders, such as Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, whose work will now be adapted as a series by HBO.

“Domingo Espetacular” brings in today’s edition an interview with actor David Pinheiro, known for playing Armando Volta, from the Sambarilove staff, in “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”.

Reporter Michael Keller went to Rio to talk to the comedian, who turned 70 in April.

Hit – Rebate
• Canal Like, starting this Sunday, presents a new program …
• … Among the news, the presenter Indira Nascimento.
• The comedian Paulinho Serra, in partnership with the producers Rhodrigo Ribeiro and André Binnios, closed the realization of “Comedyn Con Brasil” …
• … An event that will happen on the 6th, 7th and 8th of August 2021 in Cidade das Artes, in Rio.
• Actress Roberta Santiago participated in the series “Bom dia, Verônica!” from Netflix as Eneida from the Police Station to protect women …
• … The series addresses the issue of domestic abuse and violence against women.
• On YouTube, the Mundo Gloob channel surpassed the mark of 1 billion views with highlights for web series, short episodes and content from Detectives of the Blue Building produced exclusively for the platform.
• Grupo Globo is renewing its domain of the GNT and Multishow brands.
• From the 20th, at 10 pm, GNT will show the new season of “Decora”, which adapts to the current scenario and changes its name to “Decore-se” …
• … The program gains a new presenter, the architect and content producer Stephanie Ribeiro.
• Luis Ernesto Lacombe continues to visit Rede TV stations and affiliates! cross country…
• … And in some of them, accompanied by Sikêra Júnior.


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