Baby pulls doctor’s mask right after delivery: ‘I hope it’s a sign’ – 10/15/2020


The photo of a baby pulling the obstetrician’s mask that helped him be born went viral on Instagram. The click was shared by doctor Samer Cheaib, who said he hoped it would be a sign for the future, in a reference to the use of facial protection due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The birth took place in Dubai, and Cheaib appears carrying the baby, posing to record a photo of the birth. Behold, the little hand is pulling on the mask and revealing the doctor’s face.

“We all want it to be a sign that we will be able to remove the masks soon,” captioned Cheaib.

The doctor makes frequent records of the babies he helps bring to the world and, three days ago, played with another child. “I think we have a musician. It looks like she’s playing the guitar,” he captioned.


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