Baby tries to remove mask from the doctor after delivery. Photography is running the world


The photograph of a newborn baby who seems to want to remove the mask from the doctor who brought him into the world has gone viral. It happened in Dubai and the doctor, Samer Cheaib, said that the image may be a harbinger that, soon, we will all be able to walk without a mask.

Everyone is waiting to be able to remove the mask, that’s why the photo went viral ”said the doctor.

AT CNN Brasil, the obstetrician said that the mother gave birth to a couple of twins and the boy responsible for the image that is running the world.

The second baby was a boy, I took it so that the father could take a picture and, spontaneously, the baby took off my mask. Everyone started laughing ”Cheaib said.

The photograph was taken by the children’s father, who was born in early October and already has thousands of shares and comments.


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