Banco do Brasil cancels services in lotteries starting in November


Starting in November, lottery from all over Brazil won’t count more with the services of Bank of Brazil, according to information from the bank itself this week. Now, customers will not be able to make withdrawals in lottery shops and the payment of the ticket can only be made in cash.

According to information from the institution, the use of terminal lotteries by Caixa Econômica Federal will end on November 18.

Banco do Brasil also made it explicit that the municipalities will receive an expansion in their network of correspondents who currently have service channels.

Customers will receive various services from the Mais BB Network, such as receipt of payment slips, withdrawals from checking and savings accounts, payment from INNS beneficiaries, agreements and taxes, balances and statements and deposits.

Bank launched card

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THE Bank of Brazil announced the launch of Ourocard prepaid card, which in addition to offering several advantages and benefits to its users, is free of annual fees and does not require credit analysis and consultation SPC and Serasa. It is possible to use it to make purchases in several establishments, like any other credit card.

The difference is that it is prepaid, and because of that, it is possible to have even more control over expenses, since the user himself can make recharges through the app from the bank, no longer needing to carry cash in their pockets to make a cash payment.

Passwords can be changed at BB self-service terminals, the maximum limit is 5 prepaid cards per customer, it is possible to schedule charges for up to one year, there is no minimum income requirement and for unknown reasons, the card cannot be used for internet shopping.

To apply for the card, you must be an account holder at Banco do Brasil. Then you can access the BB page and click on “Order yours now” and then fill out the form. THE card it can be offered to children (allowance card) or to domestic employees (convenience card).

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