Banks confirm 35% discount and additional 5% on INSS loans


The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) has already increased the margin of the loan payable to policyholders. Now, the measure goes from 30% to 35% of the benefit amount. The rule was published in the Official Gazette (DOU), on the 8th of October. The measure comes amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

According to the government text, the measure will remain valid until December 31, the date on which the state of public calamity ends. In addition to the margin of up to 35% of the payroll, the Government maintained the possibility of adding 5 percentage points through the payroll credit card. Thus, policyholders can commit up to 40% of their benefits (previously it was 35%).

According to the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), banks have adapted their systems to the new rules and the public can now apply for the loan.

So far, Ita├║, Santander, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil have already confirmed the increase in the margin of the credit line. Caixa did not inform about this new option. Banks can set their interest rates on payroll loans, as long as it is respected (per month):

  • 1.80% for the discount loan
  • 2.70% for credit card

40% of payroll

It is already in effect! The president Jair Bolsonaro endorsed the text of the provisional measure (MP) which increases the margin of payroll deductible loans for those who are retired and National Social Security Institute (INSS). The measure was taken during the new coronavirus pandemic.

The recommendation was given by the National Social Security Council to assist beneficiaries of the INSS, especially at this time of economic crisis. Now, the consignment of retirement or pension destined for the payment of loans goes from 35% to 40%.

In addition, the measure includes those who are in default. “The objective is to enable potential indebted people to have access to payroll loans at lower interest rates,” says the government through an official note.

Loan with payroll

The margin for payroll loans refers to how much the beneficiary will be able to commit monthly for the payment of payroll debt. For beneficiaries, it may reach up to 40%, considering loan and credit card services.

Here’s what the changes will look like:

Division of consignable margin for retirees and pensioners – as it was

  • payroll loan – 30% of the benefit;
  • payroll credit card – 5% of the benefit.

Division of consignable margin for retirees and pensioners – as is

  • payroll loan – 35% of the benefit;
  • payroll credit card – 5% of the benefit.


In late July, the INSS changed other rules of the payroll for INSS policyholders. Look:

  • Government has reduced the benefit lockout time for borrowing. After changes, it went from 90 to 30 days after the concession;
  • Banks can offer up to 3 months (90 days) of grace period for the retiree or pensioner to pay the first installment of a payroll loan;
  • The limit of the payroll credit card increased from 1.40 to 1.60 the amount of monthly income. To find out how much you may have a limit, it is necessary to multiply the amount paid on the sheet by 1.6;
  • The interest rates of payroll loans can have a maximum index of 1.80%, in the case of loans, and 2.70% for the revolving credit card.

It is worth mentioning that the insured must pay attention to the adherence of payroll loans, since the installments are discounted directly in the amount of the monthly benefit.

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