Baron Cohen strikes back at Trump


It all started with the new Borat movie, in which the actor’s alter ego Borat rallies with American politics.

In one scene in the film, we see Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani being caught by a hidden camera while lying on a hotel bed with his hand down his trousers. He is with what he thinks is a young TV reporter, but who is actually the 24-year-old actress Maria Bakalova. In the film, she plays Borat’s daughter.

Trump has also called the comedian “disgusting”, who now responds to Trump’s outcome:

– I do not think you are funny either. But the whole world is laughing at you, Baron Cohen writes Twitter.

The Borat film premiered recently, and Rudy Giuliani has defended his “participation”. He writes that he did not do anything inappropriate, but maintains that he only arranged a little on his shirt.


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