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If anyone was happy after “UFC Ortega x Zumbi Coreano”, it was Jessica Bate-Estaca. In addition to becoming the first woman in the UFC to win in three different weight categories (strawweight, flyweight and bantamweight), the Brazilian achieved an important knockout victory in the first round against number one in the weight- fly Katlyn Chookagian – something not even Valentina Shevchenko had achieved – and even pocketed one of the $ 50,000 bonuses as one of the “Performances of the Night”. At the press conference after the event, smiling as always, the woman from Paraná said that she felt very well in the fight, which she considered to have been easy.

– Even before the fight happened, I had this concern, but at the time of the fight, when I lifted it very easily and she tried to submit but couldn’t catch it, I saw that the fight was not difficult. It was easy. I just had to use the right strategy and defend the positions that everything would work out. When I fell on her guard, I just had calm and patience and did what I had trained at the whole camp. I got up, played on one side, played on the other … I think I got everything I needed to do. I was impressed with myself, with my improvement, my ability to evolve. Kicking was something I didn’t do much, and today I saw that my kick is very strong. It even fell. This is one of the weapons that I have to use most during fights. But the question of the floor I came very well prepared for everything.

Jessica Bate Estaca raises Katlyn Chookagian at UFC Ortega x Zumbi Coreano – Photo: Getty Images

Asked about the strategy of striking the American’s body, which was fundamental to achieving the knockout, Jessica revealed that her trainer, Gillard Paraná, changed the whole tactic of the fight in the locker room, just before the fight.

Jessica Bate-Estaca sees Katlyn Chookagian scream in pain after hitting the waist line at UFC Ortega vs. Zumbi Coreano – Photo: Getty Images

– The previous strategy is to exchange, grab and put the fight to the ground. Before the fight, at the hotel, watching her fights, the master called me – I hadn’t seen her fights yet, just a few better moments. But in the week of the fight they end up putting the complete fights on the internet, and I went to see it. And that’s when he changed everything. When we entered the locker room, the master said: “Daughter, don’t forget. Hit the body that will end up there. She lost a lot of weight, she’s worn out. I used to be a fighter, I know how it is. that will knock out. ” No sooner said than done. What the master says works. When the punch hit the rib, in the pit of my stomach, I just heard her screaming and thought, “My God, what happened? Is the fight over?” Then the master shouted: “It’s not over, no! Go up!” I went crazy and it worked. The fight is over there. Before I hit, she elbowed me. She elbowed and I hooked it, but I hadn’t realized I had hit the waist line. When I saw that she screamed and left, I thought, “Did I get it right?” And I already heard the master shouting for me to go inside. I went, and when I changed my knee, she went down, and I still managed to land another blow with my right. Then she lay down for good and that was the end.

Bate-Estaca also talked about his future in the category, and did not hide that he believes he can give work to the current champion, Valentina Shevchenko, one of the most dominant among all of the UFC.

Valentina Shevchenko is the current UFC flyweight champion – Photo: Getty Images

– I believe that, in this category, I can make a difference. I can do a little facing Valentina. It is something that I have always wanted, not only within the organization, but it was already for us to have fought outside the organization. This was marked for me, and I hope to have the opportunity to fight Valentina. I will still give a lot of shows in this category. So far I have felt very well. I think it is a possibility to keep myself ahead, because the age gets closer and it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight. I have this awareness, and it may be that, in the future, it will be more of a category. And, who knows, if the UFC offers me to fight in featherweight or bantamweight again? I’m here for whatever it takes, ready to fight.

As the next title dispute is already scheduled, between Shevchenko and also Brazilian and Paraná Jennifer Maia, Jéssica talked about the possibility of having a Brazilian belt dispute, and even a rematch against the fellow who already won her in 2012, at Samurai Fight Combat.

Jennifer Maia has already beaten Jéssica Bate-Estaca in 2012 – Photo: Jason Silva

– It would be very interesting, because before I entered the UFC I had already fought Jennifer, and I lost. At the time she said it was one of the toughest fights she had in her career. It would be a good rematch, and really cool to be able to fight her again. From that time on I have evolved a lot, as has she. It would be a very interesting fight. That’s why I think there is a lot of validity for me to be in this category. I can fight against Valentina, against Jennifer … there is a lot of bullet in the needle to use me wherever they need. It had been a long time since I had felt this joy of fighting, of feeling this vigor, this desire. And today I’ve reinvented myself again and now I’m ready for whatever you need. If the UFC offers me another flyweight fight, I’ll accept. In this category there are some girls going up. But even if the UFC doesn’t give me the opportunity to fight for the belt now, this will end up happening, because the category needs more movement, and I think I’m going to do it. There are some good girls around here, so I think that until Valentina’s fight with Jennifer, I end up doing another flyweight fight. The UFC wants to hold me here so I can do this fight against Valentina. It would be very interesting.

The achievement of her eighth performance bonus in the UFC, the Brazilian will finally be able to fulfill a goal she has had for a long time: buying a house for her mother.

– I am in a very good increase in bonuses, and I think that now the goal that I have always had in my life, which is to be able to buy a house for my mother, I will be able to accomplish. This week I’m already going to Paraná to visit her. Winning is always good, and winning the bonus is wonderful. I am showing more and more of my potential and all that I can do well inside the UFC.

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