Battlefields to be launched on October 23


Command Bumblebee and the mighty Autobots in Transformers: Battlefields

With Portuguese subtitles and physical media, the strategic game Transformers: Battlefields will be released in October, 23 and will bring Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and other iconic autobots on a mission to expel the dreaded Decepticons once and for all from Planet Earth.

The player must assemble his squad and use the unique abilities of each autobot, in addition to taking advantage of different environments, such as desert sandstorms and Energon waves from Cybertron. Each character has a special ability, which is awakened after the Energon meter is completely filled. The game also features multiplayer mode, which puts skills to the test in ways such as Capture the Flag, Horde, Last Stand and more.

Pre-order through the Microsoft Store.


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