BBB: Boninho confirms that influencers will be present in the next edition of reality


Boninho is the director of Big Brother Brasil (Credit: Disclosure / João Miguel Júnior / Globo)

The producer Nice, known for Big Brother Brasil, confirmed on Friday (23) that the 2021 edition of the reality show will have influencers as well as that of 2020. The announcement was made by Instagram. In the video published on the social network, Boninho said he was “betting on what worked”, and that other strategies from Globo are also being taken into account.

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“Today, Globo launched new products and concepts on how we are going to work in 2021, and it stands to reason that BBB was part of that, like The Voice +. We will bet on what worked. The VIP crowd will be in the game at BBB, and The Voice will have a very cool team of technicians: Mumuzinho, Claudia Leitte, Daniel, and a fourth chair, which we are dating. He’s already dated, everything is fine, but we’ll count for real in a little while ”, revealed the producer.

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