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Michael Andreassen and dance partner Ewa Trela ​​smoked out of “Skal vi danse”. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

It was set for a scary Halloween on the “Shall we dance” parquet, and in the end it was Michael Andreassen who had to leave the competition.

In the ninth program of “Shall we dance” it is Halloween.

This time it was Marte Bratberg and Michael Andreassen who had to go out in a dance duel, and in the end it was Andreassen who had to leave the competition.

– It is always strange to leave bubbles, but then you get back into daily life. But this has characterized life for three months, eight hours a day with dance training, costume rehearsals and such, without focus on anything else, he says to VG.

– But I’m really looking forward to being with my family and girlfriend. And tomorrow I have a birthday. Then I will stuff myself with my carrot cake!

Michael Andreassen and dance partner Ewa Trela ​​smoked out of “Skal vi danse”. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

– Tough moments

This was Andreassen’s fourth and final duel, at the same time as it was Bratberg’s first.

– I do not know if it makes it worse or better, but it is not fun to smoke. Everyone has a desire to win, and the most important thing for me was to do a dance that I am proud of. And today we did a good dance, he says.

Dance partner Ewa Trela ​​agrees.

– It was very very fun to work with Michael. It’s nice to talk to someone who gets it in, it’s the best a teacher can wish for.

Andreassen admits that it has not only been easy.

– There have been some tough moments; at the gym late at night, where I have been completely white in the face and not made it. Wednesday last week was such a moment where I did not understand how to do it, he says.

– Saturdays are also very emotional. There are probably both the best and worst moments.

All four judges said they wanted to see Bratberg further in the competition.

Marte Bratberg and Benjamin Jayakoddy in the ninth program of “Skal vi danse”. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

– Halloween every Saturday

But for Thomas Alsgaard, this evening was no scarier than the other Saturdays. He says that every Saturday is Halloween for him, and that just dancing makes him terrified.

– It’s Halloween every Saturday, he says in the program about being part of “Skal vi danse”.

– I’m struggling like a rascal. This is difficult for me.

He gets both support and sympathy from the judges, who brag about how Alsgaard stands in what is so difficult. Of these, he received a total of 32 points after the dance.

– I am proud. I know how much it takes to go out there every Saturday for him, says dance partner Rikke Lund.

This Saturday was also extra scary for all five remaining couples.

As usual, all couples dance one dance each before a “jive-off competition”. As before, this is a knockout competition where all participants dance jive at the same time, and then are knocked out one by one by the judges.

The pair who were first knocked out were Thomas Alsgaard and Rikke Lund, while Nate Kahungu and Helene Spilling remained in the end.

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Nate Kahungu and Helene Spilling in the ninth program of “Skal vi danse”. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Last Saturday, it was Birgit Skarstein who had to leave the dance floor after meeting radio profile Michael Andreassen in a duel. The judges thought it was Skarstein who delivered the best, and the score gave her a second place according to the judges’ assessment.

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Nate Kahungu grew up in a Christian home and has never celebrated Halloween, but tonight he was a vampire on the floor. At the same time, Michael Andreassen revealed that he can be scared of the dark, and his dance should be a nightmare.

Andreas Wahl and Mai Mentzon in «Skal vi danse». Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Marte Bratberg was the infamous DC Entertainment character Harley Quinn, and played “clin yeast” during tonight’s dance show, which the judges think she was frighteningly good at.

Thomas Alsgaard admits once again that dance is the scariest thing he can do.

And Andreas Wahl adds the feeling of not reaching into an Argentine tango.

These were the referee points on Saturday night:

1. Nate & Helene – 37 points, 42 in total

2. Michael & Ewa – 32 points, 32 in total

3. Marte & Benjamin – 35, total 36

4. Thomas & Rikke – 32, 32 in total

5. Andreas & Mai – 38, total 41

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