Belenenses president says SAD is preparing to change its name to Comporta FC


Belenenses president Patrick Morais de Carvalho said on Thursday that Belenenses SAD, a football club that operates in the 1st soccer league, is preparing to change its name to Comporta Football Club, a name already registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property ( INPI).

“[A SAD] He asked to change the company’s name to ‘B-SAD, Sociedade Esportiva de Futebol, SAD’, which was authorized by the RNPC [Registo Nacional de Pessoas Coletivas]. He also asked for a second authorization for ‘Comporta, Sociedade sportiva de Futebol, SAD’, which is under analysis, and his lawyer registered the Comporta Football Club brand at INPI “, he explained.

In a lively debate between the three candidates for the suffrage of Belenenses, held on Thursday, on the TV channel Sport TV +, Patrick Morais de Carvalho had already shown the documents published on Friday on the social network Facebook, accusing SAD of playing ” one last card “in Saturday’s elections through list C candidate, Luís Figueiredo.

“[A SAD] Will do it soon [mudar de nome]. And he just hasn’t done it yet because he plays in tomorrow’s elections [sábado] one last card, through a candidate [Luís Figueiredo] that promises to try to buy back the SAD, knowing that neither will be received. A candidate that will allow BSAD to definitively usurp the name of Belenenses and return to Restelo “, he warned.

Luís Figueiredo’s list reacted to the “insulting and clumsy accusation” during the televised debate, with the opponent to the current president guaranteeing: “I had no conversations with SAD, I had no contacts with Rui Pedro Soares”.

Belenenses’ members decide on Saturday the future of the club, in elections with three candidates with different views, which contrast in the continuity of the path of return to the professional echelons of football or in the buyback of SAD.


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