Bergen closes test station due to carbon monoxide poisoning among employees – NRK Vestland


This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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Bergen municipality informs about the carbon monoxide poisoning in a press release on Wednesday. Several employees are supervised by a doctor in the emergency room.

– Several of our employees have developed symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. They have also gone with CO meters that have knocked out, says emergency room manager Dagrun Lichausen to NRK.

Kullos is a very dangerous gas that prevents the body from absorbing oxygen. The gas neither smells nor tastes. Among other things, this can be formed in exhaust from cars.

– We think it comes from the cars of those who come to test themselves, says Linchausen.

In the press release, the municipality writes that they are working to improve the ventilation at the test station.

Ask employees to check for carbon monoxide poisoning

The test station opened on 8 October in the old premises of the Norwegian Motor Vehicle Inspectorate at Spelhaugen in Fyllingsdalen.

The station was to replace the drop-in station at Laksevåg. When they opened, the municipality pointed out that the test station was well suited for the winter months, and was arranged for arrival by car.

The municipality writes that the emergency room has spare capacity, and asks residents who are to be tested for coronavirus to call the corona telephone or book an appointment online.

– We are closing down today and asking all employees to come down for a check, and are working to find a solution to continue testing under safe conditions, says Linchausen.


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