Best Halloween 2020 discounts on PlayStation


As is tradition, new week, new discounts, this time in one of the festive seasons most loved by all, Halloween.

Between trick and treating, we can consider PlayStation Store discounts the sweet side of this month marked by fear and terror. For the same reason, we decided to highlight some of those that we consider the best discounts available, ideal for a beautiful night out with aliens, zombies and many many terrifying beings.

All selected games take into account the age of the game, the discount amount and, of course, the way in which it is inserted in this festive season, all of them being an entirely editorial choice on the part of the editor, for which we invite you to see all the titles they make part of the campaign.

Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition: €19,99 (€49,99)

How could we get past what was considered by many to be the best remake ever made, and one of the best games of 2019? Resident Evil 2 Remake is a return to the origins of the series, in the fantastic new game engine CryEngine, which revives old zombies and mechanics loved by many. Mr.X’s constant pursuit causes chills in his spine, putting us under constant pressure, ideal for the month of October.

It was close to that that Resident Evil 2 Remake didn’t have a 10 in our analysis, to which we invite you to read or reread the Verdict: It offers a lot again, while paying homage to the original and the franchise as a whole, even the one that never existed, like the famous Resident Evil 1.5. To summarize it for the fans, think of Resident Evil 2 with modern visuals and the best grotesque of the series, with the systems and rhythm of 4, mixed with the elements that gave you the Survival Horror, in Resident Evil 7. they? Absolutely.

Days Gone: €20,29 (€69,99)

And so as not to run away from the type of enemies, how about Days Gone, which instead of slow but deadly zombies, we have fast and equally lethal living dead. The exclusive PlayStation 4 offers a fun world that will put your sense of survival to the test. In moments of calm, stop, enjoy all the atmosphere and surroundings around you, and get back on the bike to escape the horde.

Days Gone ended up receiving a 9 in our review, highlighting the enemies and dynamic world. Verdict: The attention that Bend Studios has paid to every detail of its open world makes this an indispensable title for fans of survival games, sprinkled with a very competent story. Farewell is one of the most dynamic settings I’ve tried, where the variety of enemy behaviors plays a very important role in the player’s immersion, the ultimate purpose of any adventure of its kind.

Death Stranding: €30,09 (€69,99)

The departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami allowed the mythical director to create Death Stranding, a title that made many knots in the brains of many players but that is unmistakably a milestone in video games that deserves to be experienced by everyone. Loneliness is also a phobia, but the feeling of peace and calm as we wander through giant hills and canyons perfectly contrasts the anxiety generated by terrifying BTs.

Death Stranding is another game on this list that got an excellent score in our analysis, which I share the Verdict: The experience with Death Stranding is intense and emotionally demanding, even with the fabulous soundtrack chosen by Kojima to accompany the moments of travel and contemplation of a world that although beautiful, is empty, as if it were a creature waiting for its soul. It has the potential to gain a cultural dimension thanks to the introduction of new concepts, interconnected with a story interpreted sublimely by a limited, but excellent cast of characters.

Bloodborne The Old Hunters: €9,99 (€19,99)

As if all these creatures weren’t enough, how about exploring the darkest nightmares of us all and bringing them to life in a unique style that only HP Lovecraft could describe and that somehow Hidetaka Miyazaki managed to bring life to. Bloodborne The Old Hunters is an expansion to one of the best action RPGs on PlayStation 4, which adds new weapons, zones and bosses that will test the limits of your sanity.

It is important to remember that you need the base game to play The Old Hunters, but as you can see in our review, there is no reason not to want to explore all these terrors. Verdict: Another 10-15 hours of disturbing encounters with our greatest horrors and fears, capable of arousing interest and demand. The Old Hunters offers more content to the already extensive world of Bloodborne, with new tools of agony and places worthy of contemplation, making the expansion a must for all those with a spirit of hunter within them.

Doom Eternal: €34,99 (€69,99)

Doom Eternal is one of the best games of 2020 and for this price it becomes mandatory in the collection of all those who like fast shooters and full of demonic entrails. The sequel to the extremely successful 2016 title brings new enemies directly from the fiery depths of hell that will make you “sweat, jump, scream, almost fly, but mostly run”.

A soundtrack to make us fasten to the chair and an extremely versatile and mobile combat style make Doom Eternal a glorious experience, something that we further cement in our analysis. Verdict: Doom Eternal uses the pillars launched by the 2016 game and reinforces them with a story that, although not of superlative interest, fulfills the fundamental requirement of cooking the different moments of a game that expels confidence. With the franchise’s particular aesthetic, a powerful soundtrack and impeccable level design, it conveys the ‘feel’ of a Doom. Whether newcomers or veterans, frustrated or knowledgeable about the series that marked different generations of players, fun is guaranteed, with or without the use of cheat codes.

Alien: Isolation – The Collection: €10,99 (€54,99)

It took years and years before we finally got a game based on Ridley Scott’s cult films, but it got there. Alien: Isolation is one of the hottest names among horror game fans, for its immersion, claustrophobic environment and of course, for the chilling atmosphere and sound.

We hope to have a sequel on the part of Creative Assembly to continue the excellent work done by Creative Assembly, something that we have expressed numerous times in our analysis, despite some problems. Verdict: It is still the best game in the Alien series for a long time, with enough allusions specially prepared to delight fans of the original film. The central idea drinks a lot of Amnesia, but with the atmosphere of Alien. It does not have the linearity of this, which ends up bringing you some disadvantages ironically. As I started by saying, it is not a game for everyone, but it is highly recommended if you are fans of the series, and if you have the stomach for real terror.

Devil May Cry 5 (With Red Orbs): €19,99 (€24,99)

Finally, it is obvious that we must include the return of Devil May Cry, had we not spoken of demons and imposing bosses in this selection of promotions. V joins Dante and Nero in this style-filled and imposing boss return long awaited by fans of the series. One of the best action games of 2019 that I personally invite everyone to try.

It took more than 10 years to see a Devil May Cry 5, and as you can see in our review, it was worth the wait. Verdict: A concise story that answers questions from the past, an exquisite and varied gameplay that makes us not want to land the command, with a cast of unique and affable characters that elevate to the maximum all the best the series has to offer, combined with a modern era graphics that embellish all the acts of the game.

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