Bethesda games? They will be exclusive to the new Xbox consoles! Leak


To ensure superiority over its archenemy, Microsoft does everything. Even keep some games just exclusive to your platform! So what fans of Sony consoles most feared, seems to be about to happen.

Having said all this, although nothing has yet been confirmed on this matter. It seems that Phill Spencer has hinted that Bethesda games will be only and only on Xbox. After all, in the opinion of the boss of the Xbox world, taking into account that the games will be available on the new console, on Xbox One, on xCloud and even on the PC via Xbox Game Pass… There is no need for these games to be released on rival platforms.

Bethesda games? Will be exclusive to Xbox Series X!

Bethesda games

So, once again we emphasize the fact that none of this has yet been confirmed. However, it ends up making sense that Phill Spencer chooses to make these exclusive Microsoft games. After all, we are talking about an investment of a modest $ 7.5 billion in the purchase of Zenimax Media (Bethesda’s parent company).

However, taking into account all the investment on the part of Microsoft, it is necessary to earn a lot … So, for now, a launch on PS5 or Nintendo Switch is not at all out of the equation. Still, I can’t imagine games like Elder Scrolls coming to rival platforms, it’s a ‘stab’ too desirable for Microsoft.

Bethesda games

In short, the duel between the Xbox Series X and PS5 is truly at its peak. But as no one predicts the future, it is best to wait for new information on this subject.

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