Beto receives a surprise visit from Carmela | come around


Tancinha did not like Beto’s hustle and bustle, but Carmela (Chandelly Braz) was interested in the publicist. The sister has been encouraged since she learned that an influential big shot got Tancinha out of jail. Now she knows that, besides being rich, this guy is handsome 😜

For all these reasons, the girl wastes no time and pays a visit to Beto. He is surprised, but lets Carmela in.

Except that Carmela’s strategy does not go as she expects. While she throws all her charm to the publicist, Beto doesn’t care and takes the opportunity to ask everything he can about Tancinha.

It seems that the challenge of winning Tancinha is increasingly important to him 😏

Let There Be Heart is written by Daniel Ortiz, with collaboration from Flávia Bessone, Isabel Muniz, Patricia Moretzsohn e Nilton Braga, artistic direction of Fred Mayrink and direction of Bia Coelho, Luciano Sabino, Alexandre Klemperer, Teresa Lampreia e Allan Fiterman.

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