Betrayal? Find out what happened between Gusttavo Lima, Andressa Suita and Rafa Kalimann


The influential and religious missionary Rafa Kalimann (PHOTO: Reproduction)

This Friday (9), Gusttavo Lima e Andressa Suita shocked the internet when they announced the end of the marriage and much is speculated on the reasons for the end.

But apparently, the relationship between the sertanejo and the model has already started troubled. All because, in 2012, the singer came to relate to Andressa Suita and the former BBB Rafa Kalliman at the same time.

Rafa Kalimann his intimate life has always been preserved during his career, but after joining BBB 20, several stories surfaced. The columnist Fábia Oliveira got in touch with family members of the influencer to clarify some questions. Even affair with the backwoodsman Gusttavo Lima has been commented on.

Rivalry between Rafa Kalimann, from 'BBB20', and wife of countryman Gusttavo Lima comes to the fore - VIP Area
(Photo: Reproduction)

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Before Gusttavo Lima broke, he and Rafa had an affair. They used to be together often and did what the whole couple does: they went to shows, went for walks … Until one day, a friend of hers from Uberlândia discovered that he was staying with Andressa Suita. Rafa then talked to Gusttavo and put an end to their story. Full stop. They never dated because she didn’t introduce him to our family, they never kissed again”, Stated Marcela, the first of Rafa.

At last year’s Villa Mix festival, there was some news that Rafa had been kicked off the stage during the show Gusttavo Lima. Marcela care: “since they broke up she never saw a show of his again from the stage, precisely because she respected Andressa and the family he built. If they say she was kicked out then why don’t they show the video? Those images would have leaked, wouldn’t they?“, answers.


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