Bianca Andrade does not need a bra and shows off her belly in a selfie


Bianca Andrade (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

The famous influencer, Bianca Andrade won over in a row with the photo he posted on Wednesday (14), on Instagram. The Libra, who completes another year of life on Thursday (15), advanced the post one day, to, according to her, remind people of the date.

Cat, Boca Rosa, was wearing a white top, dispensing bra and sensual, showed her tummy dry. “Libriana turns 26 tomorrow, huh? Giving 00:00 already accepting congratulations ”

“Nuooosss … I wanted to be the lucky one who received you all so beautiful”, joked Fred, Bianca’s boyfriend. “Libra root, loves to be remembered hahhahahahha”, a follower was amused.

In yet another post, Bianca announced her return to youtube and encouraged the fans. In the photo, she emerged wearing ballet shoes and shared opinions with the rehearsal.

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