Biden accuses Trump of surrendering in the face of the advance of the pandemic


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday accused Republican candidate and current president Donald Trump of surrendering to the covid-19 pandemic.

“It wasn’t a Meadows mistake,” says Joe Biden in a statement quoted by the France Presse Agency, in reaction to statements by Trump’s chief of staff. “It was an honest statement of President Trump’s strategy since the beginning of the crisis: wave the white flag of defeat and hope that, if we ignore it, the virus will disappear. That was not the case and it will not be,” he added.

The White House admitted this Sunday that the United States will not be able to control the pandemic because it is so contagious, in a change to the posture of minimizing the severity of the crisis, at a time when there are new records of contagions.

“We are not going to control the pandemic, we are going to control the fact that we can get vaccines, therapies and other ways to mitigate it,” said Mark Meadows, US President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, during an interview with CNN.

For Joe Biden, “unfortunately, it is no surprise that the virus continues to spread unchecked across the country, and even in the White House itself”, where on Saturday the vice president’s chief of staff and at least two people from the his team tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Mark Meadows’ statements were made the day after Donald Trump insisted that the United States is “turning the page” of the pandemic and that the data on incidence in the country is incredible, considering that the rise in the number of cases is not something to cause an alarm.

On Friday, the United States recorded a daily record of new contagions of covid-19, with more than 85,000 cases in just 24 hours, and on Saturday it almost touched that mark, with 83178, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Nearly 8.6 million Americans have been infected with the new coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, and the barrier of 225,000 people due to this infection is expected to be exceeded today, more than in any other country.

The new rise in cases in the United States mainly affects the West Zone and states that traverse the Rocky Mountains, including some territories that will be key in the November 3 presidential elections, such as Wisconsin and Ohio.

Trump attributed this rise on Saturday to the number of tests being carried out in the country and considered it “stupid” that so many tests are carried out on the covid-19, because that “gives the media something to talk about” before the elections.

Experts disagree with Trump’s argument that cases go up simply because more tests are done: this logic does not take into account the fact that the percentage of tests that are positive has increased by more than one percentage point since the beginning of October, to 5, 8% currently.


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