Biel circumvents another rule in reality and the public asks for expulsion: “Garbage”


Biel in A Fazenda (Photo: Reproduction)

Public asks Biel’s expulsion in A Fazenda

As you know, yesterday and today (29) there was a lot of confusion on the reality TV show Record TV A Fazenda. There was cancellation of the farmer’s test and a lightning vote that will decide who will leave shortly. And Biel ended up target.

However, even in this hurricane eye, the public wants Biel to be expelled for yet another rule violation. This is because according to the public, pedestrians are prohibited from speaking directly to the cameras, except in the few seconds with Marcos Mion.

However in A Fazenda, just before the vote, when the pedestrians did not yet know that the farmer’s proof would change, Biel looked at the treehouse camera and asked for votes in Victória Villarim and Tays Reis. “Vote a lot for the Vic family! Vic and Tays, let’s go! ”Shot the young man.

In the comments, the audience of A Fazenda detonated. “Biel circumvented another rule of the program. RecordTV when are they going to arrange the expulsion of Biel? So, are you going to say something or are you going to play Egyptians? And for those who are supporting biel: rules are rules He, before entering the program, agreed to obey the rules and now he has to comply If he does not have the maturity to respect the rules, then he does not have the maturity to continue in the program ”, said one .

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“He didn’t even take punishment at A Fazenda. It’s one thing to talk to friends you’re rooting for, it’s another to look at the cameras and campaign. This guy is garbage in the shape of people, ”said another. “He pushed Luiza and you didn’t say anything, he broke the rules several times during the voting, you only saw one and now this? Expelled already, ”commented a third.

“I prefer that he leaves for the public of A Fazenda, because at least he won’t be able to say that if he stayed at the house he would win and he only left because the production expelled… But he could take a punishment, like being directly in the farm next week. ! ”, Declared one more.

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