Biel comments on the next field formation


The new swidden formation in The Farm 12 it only happens next Tuesday (20th) but, Biel he is already worried and imagining future scenarios. In conversation with Juliano Ceglia, the singer does not seem hopeful to consider yet another dispute for popular vote.

“I didn’t want to go to the farm now, it’s going to be in **. Four in a row is f ***, it’s counting on luck. I don’t care, but I’m afraid it sounds like arrogance ”, said the funkeiro. Before, Biel and Juliano evaluated who the pedestrians chosen to go to the fields would be.

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The two spoke in MC Mirella e Luiza Ambiel. Biel even recalled that the actress has low morale with the other participants because she was responsible for a punishment yesterday (17) that left the crowd without coffee for 24 hours.

The two also discussed a strategy to understand what will be the movements of the other participants and Biel gave tips to get information: “I think that naturally (votes for Mirella and Luiza) will already happen. Just a matter of exchanging an idea and seeing, feeling, making a thermometer ”, concluded the pawn.


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