Biel recalls fight with Raissa and complains about omission of production


On the night of this Thursday (8), in The Farm 12, Biel revealed that he was with a clear conscience about the result of the farm tonight and remembered their fight with Raissa Barbosa no reality rural Record TV.

In conversation with People of Lisbon, the pawn said that he hoped the production would intervene in the fight with the model of OnlyFans: “I keep imagining my parents, who is close to me, seeing people doing things with me and not being able to do anything. That first time that business with Raissa happened, I was waiting for a production intervention, but it didn’t happen. Then I saw that it was right here ”, said.

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Lidi then explains that there was no physical aggression in that situation: “It was that there was no physical aggression, you know, there was aggression, but without touch”, shot. “There was contact, but without bruising”, countered the interpreter of ‘Long’.

It is worth mentioning that Biel faces Jojo Todynho and Cartolouco in fourth Elimination of the season from the program. According to research, the sports youtuber should be eliminated tonight.


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