Biel talks about possible elimination with Mateus Carrieri and Tays Reis


Biel woke up thoughtful this morning in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV). The singer is vying to stay in reality with Tays Reis and Carol Narizinho, and the result will be known tonight.

According to the UOL poll, the dispute between the three is very fierce, with a minimal difference in votes between one and the other.

In conversation with Mateus Carrieri and Tays Reis in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčanimal care, Biel vented about his situation and tried to see a positive side in case of elimination.

Just knowing that I can be with my family tomorrow makes everything so much more peaceful. And it has been more than a month too, you know? How crazy, right?

Mateus considered the length of stay in the program. “That’s what I said to Tays now: whoever stays until next Thursday closed the first half of the program”, calculated the actor.


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