Biel tries to approach, but Jojo Todynho refuses: ‘I will not be false’


After some disagreements in “A Fazenda 2020”, Biel used the good atmosphere of the “Likes” party to try to get closer to Jojo Todynho. However, the singer remained adamant and warned that she will speak to him only cordially even though she doesn’t feel like ‘exchanging ideas’.

The funkeiro noticed the singer sideways at the party just observing the movement of the pawns of RecordTV’s reality show and approached trying to open a dialogue.

“Talk to me, bro,” said Biel. “I’m stressed,” replied Jogo. “Then talk to me”, asked the singer again.

The funkeira was very sincere with Biel and warned that she is not a person to force friendship with people who have attitudes that she disapproves of.

Biel, pay attention, I’m not a fake person. This is my way. Never in my life will I be quiet with you, I know myself. I wanted to be like the people who put stones on top of things, but I can’t do it “.

It’s my way, my personality. I’m not going to lie to you that I wish you had left. It would be hypocrisy on my part to wish you luck. “

“I know. That’s what attracts me. You really are,” tried Biel.

Jojo ended up venting that she is bothered by some pawns from “A Fazenda 12”. Biel tried again to engage in a dialogue, however, the funkeira did not open.

“Biel, I speak cordially. I can’t play anymore. I won’t force anything,” he said. “Don’t you feel like exchanging ideas with me?” Asked Biel.

I do not have. I tell you from the heart. It is even false on my part to call you to talk (…) Your attitudes did not please me. I don’t usually deal with people my way. I speak cordially, I will not be stressing that it is me “, declared the paoa.

The singer then ended up lamenting that the singer has resentment about him. However, Jojo countered by claiming, again, that forcing an approximation would be false.

“You have a lot of resentment towards me,” lamented Biel.

“I have no resentment at all, Biel. I don’t like the attitudes you have. I will not be false,” concluded Jojo.


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