‘Black Panther’ actor Chadwick Boseman left no will


A Chadwick’s widow Boseman, Taylor Simone Ledward, entered this Thursday, the 15th, with a court case with the objective to be recognized as one of the legitimate heirs and, in this case, administrator of the assets of the actor ‘Black Panther’, with limited power.

This happened because the artist died (on the 28th of August) without leaving a will. According to The Blast, Boseman he believed he would recover from colon cancer, so he never saw the need to carry the document forward.

The estimated value – which only includes the artist’s properties – is estimated at more than 800 thousand euros.

In addition to the widow, two more heirs are indicated in the process, namely the parents of the actor.

It is recalled that the movie star secretly married Taylor, shortly after they became engaged in October of 2019.

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