Boavista does not pay, and Rueda lends Santos more money


Santos received another loan from Andrés Rueda, an advisor and presidential candidate in December, last Thursday.

The new loan was necessary due to the non-payment of Boavista, from Portugal, by Jackson Porozo. Peixe had 500 thousand euros (R $ 3.3 million) to pay for Hamburg. There are also three installments of 200 thousand euros (R $ 1.3 million).

Rueda then borrowed R $ 15.6 million in total, accounting for exchange rates. The rest was paid for with club cash.

“Any value of Santos abroad is increased by practically 20% of the exchange rate. That 1.5 million (euros, of the loan) plus fees was R $ 11.7 million. Loan contract (loan) was made in this amount , with reimbursement of 10 installments of R $ 1.7 million from 2021. Except that Boavista did not pay. Santos had no cash yesterday to honor. If the installment was not paid, the agreement of 3.1 million (euros , with Hamburg) ended and the value returned to 4.7 million euros (total debt, with fine and interest). Then there was another loan of R $ 3.9 million. 500 thousand euros + exchange rate. Exact amount is R $ 3.89 million “, Rueda told Rádio Nova FM.

A Sports Gazette had access to the document sent by President Orlando Rollo to councilors confirming Andrés Rueda’s second aid. One of the agendas for the virtual meeting next Wednesday will be Andrés Rueda’s double loan. The opinion of the Supervisory Board suggests the approval of both loans. The second was approved by the CF unanimously.

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