Boff says Robinho could learn in prison not to use God’s name to justify himself


Theologian also said that one cannot expect much from those who admire Jair Bolsonaro edit

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247 – Theologian Leonardo Boff spoke on twitter about the case of the player Robinho, convicted of rape and removed from Santos. “Italian justice condemned Robinho. In prison, if it occurs, he will have time to learn not to offend women and not to use God’s name to justify himself. It is not enough to be good at football, you have to be good in life. No much should be expected from those who admire the current president, “he said. Also check out reactions from feminist leaders:

The interview in which the player Robinho, convicted of rape and dismissed by Santos, said that “unfortunately there is this feminist movement” and that “many women are not even women”, provoked immediate reactions from feminist leaders, who exposed the athlete’s perverse machismo. “Fortunately, there is this movement against collective rape,” said candidate Manuela D’Ávila, who leads the research in Porto Alegre. “Men like you will be increasingly exposed and will pay for their crimes,” said singer Zélia Duncan.

Deputy Maria do Rosário (PT-RS) also criticized the player. “Showing hatred and contempt for women is your best defense? These ideas are the basis of all gender culture and violence,” he said. “Reading Robinho’s dialogues in the judicial process is like looking through the keyhole at perverse masculinity. Men among themselves exercising the pedagogy of violence against women,” said professor Débora Diniz.

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