BOLA – Angola beat Mozambique (3-0) in Rio Maior (CAF)


The Mambas, guided by the Portuguese coach, Luís Gonçalves, were defeated 3-0 this Tuesday afternoon, in the duel with Angola held in Rio Maior, Lisbon, inserted in the preparation of the two groups for the qualification phase for CAN- Cameroon 2022.

The Mozambican national team even started better in the match, pressing and commanding the game, however, there was a lack of clarification at the entrance of the Angolan area to create situations of greater danger. Witi, left winger of Nacional da Madeira, in the two situations he had to kick the goal authentic him to the figure of the goalkeeper. The Palancas Negras, on the other hand, were betting more on quick exits for the attack and it was following a move like this in which the Mozambican defense is caught in counterpoint with Kambala being forced to make a foul on entering the penalty area. In the free kick, Mateus advanced from Penafiel, shot wide. 45 minutes were played, so just over the break. Minutes earlier, from the same position, the same player had shot over.

Virtually at the restart of the match, again following a free-kick, Mateus shot the post. Angola came in better, but the Mambas responded well to the goal conceded and could have reached the equalizer through a free kick scored by Witi, who shot just above the crossbar. But it was at the best moment of the Mozambican class that Angola reached 2-0 on 77 minutes through Mateus, who scored twice. At 79 it was Gerson Dala, right wing of Rio Ave, making a taste of the foot. Although fair, the Angolan team’s triumph ended up being too heavy for what happened on the pitch.

The fact is that Mozambique failed in the second test, just as it had done against Guinea Bissau before in November against Cameroon in the third round of the qualifying group stage for CAN-2022.

Eleven from Mozambique: Guirrugo; Bheu, Zainadine Jr, Bonera and Reinildo; Kambala, Gildo and Dominguez; Witi, Geny Catamo and Ratifo.

Our the Angola: Hugo; Núrio, Buato, Jonas Ramalho and Matuwila; Estrela, Gelson Dala, Vá and Zito; Show and Mateus.


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