BOLA – Sports Minister admits breach of protocol in the case of Ronaldo (Italy)


Vincenzo Spadafora, Italian Sports Minister, commented on Thursday the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo, both the trip to Portugal to join the national team and yesterday’s return to Turin, in a private ambulance plane, admitting that he may have broken the protocol sanitary still. Is that the protocol does not allow travel – as happened with Naples, which was not allowed to travel to Turin

Asked if Ronaldo would have broken the Italian protocol, he replied: “Yes, I think so, if there was no specific authorization from the health authority.”

In Portugal, the General Director of Health, Graça Freitas, said yesterday that the player traveled with authorization, with notice to Italy and after signing a term of responsibility to comply with confinement at home.

Juventus, on its official website, reported yesterday of the player’s return in a short note, stating that “Ronaldo returned with a sanitary flight authorized by the competent health authorities at the player’s request and will continue isolation at home.”


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