Bolsonaro participates in Marlin delivery ceremony at Agulhas Negras Military Academy, in Resende | Southern Rio and Costa Verde


President Jair Bolsonaro participated this Saturday morning (17th) in the ceremony of handing over Swords to the cadets of the Military Academy of Agulhas Negras (Aman), in Resende (RJ).

“Today, we are witnessing a country further north, where its Armed Forces have decided to take another path. Freedom, that people, our brother, has lost. Further south, another country, seems to want to take another path. I ask God that is wrong. I ask God to save our brothers further south “.

Bolsonaro did not say which countries he was referring to, but repeatedly criticizes the governments of Venezuela, which is in the north of Brazil, and Argentina, in the south.

President at Sword Handover Ceremony, in Resende – Photo: Reproduction / Tv Brasil

Present at the event were the vice president, Hamilton Mourão, the Minister of the Civil House, Braga Neto, the Minister of State for Defense, Fernando Azevedo e Silva and the Minister of Infrastructure, Tárcio Gomes de Freitas.

Initially scheduled for August, the delivery to the cadets of the reduced replica of the sword of Duque de Caxias, Patron of the Brazilian Army, had to be postponed to October due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The number of guests was restricted to four guests per cadet and the traditional Espadim gala was not held.

More than 400 cadets participate in Sword ceremony at Aman, in Resende – Photo: Reproduction / Tv Brasil

Bolsonaro causes agglomeration

On Saturday, Bolsonaro left Aman’s Transit Hotel, took pictures with supporters and walked to the Dutra bank, where he waved to drivers.

President waved to drivers and truckers at Dutra, in Resende – Photo: Yuri Bandeira / Tv Rio Sul

Bolsonaro arrived in the south of Rio early on Friday afternoon (16). He descended by helicopter on a soccer field at the back of the Federal Highway Police Post on the banks of Via Dutra, in Floriano, district of Barra Mansa (RJ).

The president visited the unit’s facilities, participated in a meeting with the agents and then waved to drivers passing by.

After leaving the police unit, he proceeded to the Aman Transit Hotel in Resende. In the late afternoon, Bolsonaro left the building and walked on foot, for about 10 minutes, to a lottery in the Campos Elíseos neighborhood. He made a bet and took pictures, without a mask, with supporters, causing crowding.

During his visit to the city center, the president greeted shopkeepers and residents. Accompanied by his entourage, he went to the hot dog stall he usually visits.

After the Marlin ceremony, the president will fly by helicopter to Brasília, with an estimated arrival time at 4:20 pm.

VIDEOS: this Saturday’s RJ1 news


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