Bolsonaro REVEALS the estimated amount for the aid substitute; see how much


THE emergency aid continues to be paid until December 2020, with the already defined value of R$300. Right after the payment of the benefit, the government’s intention is to put in place a new program. The expectation is that the Citizen Income be created by the end of the year.

The new program should replace Bolsa Família and be a kind of continuation of emergency aid. However, the government currently faces difficulties in defining the form of funding for Citizen Income. After speaking publicly about the Citizen Income for the first time and considering ways of financing, the market did not react well and the government backed down.

Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy, said recently that there will be no further extension of emergency aid and that it will definitely end later this year.

According to Lauro Jardim, from the O Globo newspaper, the president gave a warning to Guedes about the emergency aid substitute. According to the columnist, the president said that the replacement, which is due to start in January 2021, cannot be less than R $ 300 per month, current value of residual emergency aid.

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Launch of the program

The final version of the Renda Cidadã program can only be presented after the municipal elections, as informed by Senator Márcio Bittar (MDB-AC), rapporteur of the proposal.

“Anything can happen after the elections,” a source involved in the talks told Reuters.

The new program has been one of the current points of conflict between Economy Minister Paulo Guedes and Congress. After endorsing, the minister denied that he had agreed with the recent form of financing of the program, which foresaw to use resources from Fundeb and from precatorios.

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